Serial No Service Provided Main Document to be Produced Max Time Taken to Serve Main Officer Responsible
01 Issuing a certificate of residence National Identity Card 02 Minutes Certification officer/AO/Ast.Div.Sec
02 Issuing a certificate of income certificates Application certified by the div secretariat 15 minutes Asst Div Sec/Div Sec
03 Issuing a certificate of income   10 minutes  
04 Issuing Birth/Death/Marriage Certificates Formless process 08 Minutes Additional Dist. Registrar
05 Issuing a vehicle license Respective application form 05 Minutes Div Sec/Ast.Div.Sec
06 Free issue of a certificate of valuation 1 Hour Asst Div Sec
07 Issuing an approved land permit Half a day
08 Nomination of successor in title 1 day Div Sec
09 Transfer of land by deed of Notary 3 Weeks Div Sec
10 Giving permission for mortgage on grant of land 02 Hour Div Sec / Asst Div Sec
11 Hold inquiry in to objections regarding supply of electricity and giving decision  04 Weeks Div Sec / Asst Div Sec
12 Giving decisions on requests for electricity with no
At the end of 14 days Div Sec/Ast.Div.Sec
13 Approving casual subsidy 01 Week Div Sec
14 Approving charity allowance 05 Days Div Sec/Ast.Div.Sec
15 Approving payments of Samurdhi insurance 1 Day Div Sec
16 Registration of business names 01 Hour AO/Asst Div Sec
17 Issuing railway warrants for pensioners 07 Minutes Asst Div Sec
18 Recommending applications for bursaries 05 Minutes Div Sec
19 Recommending assistance for diseases given by
presidential fund
Half a day Asst Div Sec
20 Div Sec
21 Div Sec
22 Additional District Registrar

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නිකුත්‍ කරන ලද බලපත්‍ර පිළිබඳ විස්තරය

නිකුත්‍ කරන ලද බලපත්‍ර පිළිබඳ විස්තර පහතින්...

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